Enigma I: ‘€100 Typewriter’ Found To Be German Code Machine

[Codango: Yes, we realize this is not the type of "coding" you were looking for, and what we normally get involved in… however, encryption is a huge part of our coding and development lives, and well – we just found this very interesting!]

BBC: The machine was being sold at a flea market as a typewriter.

A 100 euros typewriter has sold for 45,000 euros (£40,000; $51,500) at auction, after it was discovered it was actually a German Wehrmacht Enigma I.

The World War Two cipher machine was bought at a flea market by a cryptography professor, who apparently recognised its true worth.

It was sold to an online bidder in Bucharest, Romania, on Tuesday.

Enigma machines were used to carry coded military communications during…

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